Chapter 12

Underwear Types

Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Boxers... easy to get confused!

These are the foundations of your wardrobe. Here’s a quick compendium of the style staples the modern gentleman needs to complete his psychological implications of underwear:

  • Men’s Briefs
    Briefs - The Old-Fashioned Original


    The Old-Fashioned Original

    Also referred to as Tighty-whiteys, Brighteys if you opt for color, Jockey Shorts or simply Jockeys (...) keep everything under control. Simple and supportive, they’re minimalism at its best.

    The Perks:

    Prevents dangling. Won’t bunch up under pants. Shows off a six-pack.

  • Men’s Boxers
    Boxers - The Easy Classic


    The Easy Classic

    Typically made of woven shirting fabric, they’re often considered the straight-guy’s go-to. While often worn by traditionalists, it’s also the most freestyle with the roomiest cut.

    The Perks:

    Looks good if you’re a little out of shape. Keeps you ventilated. Front fly is easy to use. Socially acceptable as loungewear.

  • Boxer Briefs
    Boxer Briefs - The Sporty Standard

    Boxer Briefs

    The Sporty Standard

    Like the name says, it’s a cross between boxers and briefs. Longer in length than trunks, but with a similar streamlined silhouette that keeps you from movin’ and shakin’ too much.

    The Perks:

    A versatile style. Provides some support for athletic activity. Not so skimpy. Has a sporty spin.

  • Men’s Trunks
    Trunks - The New Hybrid


    The New Hybrid

    Shorter than a boxer brief, but longer than a brief. Just think “truncated” to remember the length. A best-of-both-worlds style that provides a bit more coverage but still keeps everything in its place.

    The Perks:

    The wear-anywhere style goes under pretty much everything and works for every body type. Won’t ride up under pants. Has a modern vibe.

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