Chapter 01

Standard Staples

  • Fashion Socks
    Formal Fashion Socks

    Contemporary and new school, this is the more fashionable calf-covering length. A very versatile style to wear every way, every day. Added bonus: Mid Calf socks stay up better than three-quarter length styles, which tend to fall down since they can’t commit to one direction or the other.

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  • Dress Socks
    Dress Dress Socks

    Classic and old-school, this is the traditional knee-high length. The most elegant and refined, it’s considered the formal dress sock. Perfect for the suit-wearing, distinguished gentleman type, this is the style for the dashing, the dapper, and the Don Drapers out there.

    Wear it with? Dress Shoes

  • Boot Socks
    Boot Boot Socks

    A weekend necessity. Sportier socks are not just a marketing ploy to get you to buy more socks. Cushy, comfy cotton terry socks make a big difference during physical activity, and feel more plush while you’re hanging around the homestead.

    Wear it with? Boots & Wellingtons

  • Sporty Socks
    Sporty Sporty Socks

    The sporty option. A short sock that covers only the foot and ankle and allows maximum breathability yet covering the sensitive Achilles tendon and ankle joint areas. The sport version usually comes padded with terry extending from the toe to the heel. At least ours do!

    Wear it with? Sneakers

  • Invisible Socks
    Invisible Invisible Socks

    The no-show option. The best alternative to going sockless. They keep your foot covered so you stay dry and comfortable, without making much of a statement Consider it the non-sock sock. And please don’t even try to indulge in the faux pas of wearing shoes without socks... that is just wrong.

    Wear it with? Car Shoes & Moccasins

  • The Blink Test The Blink Test For Socks

    There’s a two-second trick to tell if your socks are high quality: Look at where they’re made. The countries that make the best socks are Italy, England and Portugal. There are reasons having to do with machinery, programming and craftsmanship, but for a quick reference the “Made in…” label says everything.

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