Chapter 20

Fit Tips

Size is not consistent across brands.

Choose the right size based on the fit, not on the number - or letter(s) - you ideally want to be. When it comes to finding the fit, honesty is the best policy. You might always think of yourself as a size large, when you’re really an extra large. Think of the range of body types and shapes out there — not everyone is smack-in-the-middle average. You wouldn’t want to get yourself into a binding situation — the fashion disaster that is muffin-top, sausage, ab-flab, caused by flesh-spillover.

  • S - XXL
    Underwear Sizing

    Underwear Sizing:

    Statistics show that 85% of women wear the wrong size bra. Perhaps tellingly, women tend to think of themselves as both fatter and flatter-chested than they really are. Men, on the other hand, tend to convince themselves that they’re more svelte than the mirror, or scale, reveals.

    The opposite scenario is that men buy underwear that’s too large, mistakenly thinking bigger is better in terms of comfort. Saggy, baggy underwear can look lumpy under clothes, and unflattering once clothing is stripped off.

  • O/S vs. Multi
    Sock Sizing

    Sock Sizing:

    Most socks using elastane or nylon are “one size fits all” labeled as O/S contrary to 100% cotton socks which can have up to 5 sizes ranging from EU size 38 to 46. Look for a brand that skews their sizing towards the middle end of the range EU size 42-44. Most companies tend to skew bigger. However, socks with elastane will stretch so a shorter design actually gives a better fit and your heel does not have to end upon your calf.

Etiquette Men’s Underwear Sizing

  S M L XL
EU 46 48 50 52
Waist (In) 28-30 32-34 36-38 40-42
Waist (Cm) 71-76 81-86 91-87 102-107

Etiquette Men’s & Women’s Sock Sizing

  Men’s O/S Women’s O/S
US 8-12 5.5-9.5
EU 41-46 36-40
UK 7.5-11.5 3.5-6.5
JP 25-29 21-24.5

Etiquette Tip

Don’t confuse European and American sizes. Like jumbo food portions, things are supersized in the U.S. This means a European size “large” is equivalent to an American “medium.” At Etiquette, our sizing is true to size accross the board, but if you have any doubts please refer to the product sizing chart for exact measurements.

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