Chapter 17

Ways to Organize

An out-of-control, about-to-explode drawer

It makes daily dressing into a scavenger hunt that can make you feel like you have both way too much stuff, and yet nothing to wear. A well-kept storage system keeps your morning routine much smoother and stops the everyday hunt-and-peck down to a minimum. A little up-front effort is key to keeping an organized, orderly drawer that’s easy to maintain.

Ways to Organize
  • Out With The Old

    If your undies or socks have seen better days, toss them. Throw out the oldies. This includes anything ripped, torn, stretched, stained, faded, threadbare, or any other pair that you consider a last-resort back-up.

  • Divide & Conquer

    Designate a drawer specifically for underwear, and another for socks. Socks, in particular, are like weeds and will spread out everywhere. You want your day-to-day basics easily accessible so you don’t have to rummage around constantly. Separating those special-occasion items from your wardrobe workhorses also helps keep them in better shape since they won’t be tossed around in the daily shuffle. Otherwise, it’s like taking a tuxedo that belongs in a town car, and sticking it on the subway during rush hour.

  • To Each Its Own

    Drawer dividers are a great way to contain everything. You can put them directly in drawers, or for even more Type-A organization, put the dividers within smaller boxes. This way, everything will have its place.

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