Chapter 09

Personality Index

Underwear for all types.

Every man has his own fit, often related to his personality and lifestyle. Below are some examples of what to expect.

Personality Index

Hangloose Guy

Boxer shorts, preferably with a built-in hammock support for ultimate gravitation.

Conservative Guy

Briefs or also known as Tidy Widies to keep things extremely uber-close.

Fashion Guy

Trunks made of a cotton elastane blend, minimally branded waistband and a functional fly for emergencies.

Sporty Guy

Boxer briefs with a good amount of spandex for maximum strechability.

All-Around Guy

A true renaissance man isn’t defined by his underwear. This one always keeps his options open with a variety of silhouettes.

  • Factoid

    “Lucky Underwear”

    Scientific studies have proven that lucky underwear improves athletic performance. Recent psychological research shows that a combination of talent, training and good-luck underwear probably made Michael Jordan perform as well as he did.

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