Chapter 05

Color Coding

A few pointers on stylish sock-wearing.

Too few men dare wear anything but blend-in, keep-quiet socks. Many don’t care. Most just don’t know what is acceptable or not. Here are a few pointers to keep your feet stylish for all occasions and prevent you from looking like a clowny hipster.

  • Colorful, Yes. Clownish, No.

    1. Colorful, Yes. Clownish, No.

    There’s a fine line with colored socks. Colorful, yes. Clownish, no. Unless you make balloon animals in the park for a living, go for a dash of color only. It’s good to dabble and break up a monotone outfit, but if you get too creative you might turn yourself into the human equivalent of a Crayola box.

  • Balance is Key.

    2. Balance is Key.

    The busier the patterns, the louder the colors, the more careful you should be. Similar to mixing your liquor, it’s an amateur move to combine too much. A little buzz of color is different from being a drunken buffoon. Proceed with caution, and avoid getting overeager. Don’t be too happy. Like everything in life, balance is key.

  • The Wrong Attention.

    3. The Wrong Attention.

    Colorful socks work best with tailored clothing or a great pair of jeans. Of course, everything works better with tailored clothing or a great pair of jeans. Like waving a bright flag, vivid socks will only draw more attention to a schlubby outfit.

  • Don’t Over Match.

    4. Don’t Over Match.

    Don’t match the color of your socks exactly to the dominant color of anything else you’ve got going on. Matching socks with shoes is not a smooth move either. Doing so will either make a pair of beautiful shoes disappear and look invisible or, even worse, they’ll blend right into your socks for a bootie effect.

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