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Becoming A Globe-Trotter

by Master Etiquette

Globe-Trotter: A beloved object to well heeled travelers worldwide. Seen here, The Etiquette Clothiers x Globe-Trotter Trolley Case.. in the hands of skilled craftsmen at the Globe-Trotter factory, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. 

Out Globetrotting

by Mild Mannered Reporter

Out Magazine features our Special Edition Globe-Trotter Trolley Case in their 2012 Design Issue. Click here for more details on the collab.

Live and Well

by Etiquette Clothiers

We are excited to introduce our new online presence and eager for all socks and underwear aficionados out there to finally have a place called home. We wish to thank our dear friends at Sweden Unlimited (especially Leja, Richard, Katie and Rachel) for their extraordinary contribution as well as all Read more…

Selectism on the case

by Etiquette Clothiers

Trusted online fashion magazine,, provides exposure for our Special Edition handmade Globe Trotter Trolleys.